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Own a power plant or a large piece of real estate? Planning on acquiring one? Perhaps you’re a solar panel manufacturer or an operator in wind power business? Every extensive project in the renewable energy industry is unique. Spector8760 concept is created to look after your investment – with Spector8760 your power plant investment produces what has been promised.

Secure your investment – choose SPECTOR8760

Choose reliable partners. Monitor performance to avoid revenue losses. Forecast production to get the maximum value out of your investment. Choose a good mounting system to minimize risks. Or perhaps you’d like to leave all or some of these things into our care.

FOREMICA – A genuinely intelligent energy management system

FOREMICA is an energy management system that optimizes electricity consumption and monitors the renewable energy production. Using machine-based analytics and artificial intelligence, FOREMICA forecasts two things for the optimization: the weather to estimate the available renewable energy and the price of electricity for the next 48 hours. This creates an energy management concept that can be utilized on a household scale or as a tailor-made package in power plants. FOREMICA comes with our Spector8760 concept but it’s also purchasable separately for business-to-business partners.

Detached house, Suomenniemi


  • 500 m2 heated living space in three buildings
  • Electric heating
  • 3 water boilers
  • 2 hybrid cars 
  • 2 solar plants

The house is in the end of a power line in the middle of the Finnish forest. This originally 19th century house was updated to this millennium and the family wanted to plug in solar energy and electric cars in same real estate network.

And they still got only 3 x 25A fuse to run this smoothly. This problem was solved with FOREMICA®. To increase the fuse size would have cost app. 6500 € (that’s money well saved).

Saimaa Stadiumi-multi purpose hall, Mikkeli

Holiday home (rental), Äkäslompolo

  • 212 m2 heated living space (electric heating)
  • 2 water boilers
  • Air-source heat pump
  • Option for electric car charging
  • Solar plant
  • Varying utilization

 …. and only 3x63A fuse

Problem: how to combine a rental home, solar power, elecric heating, electric car charging, rental calender and distant circumstance monitoring into one (running smootly and independently)? 

Problem was solved with Foremica.


Foremica + electric cars

Foremica + power plants

Sun Mikkeli: R&D and a product testing site

Sun Mikkeli was built for research and development purposes. ESE tests all of its products and solutions in this modern power plant. First class measuring devices, controllability under real circumstances and monitoring are the reasons why Sun Mikkeli is the optimal place for different operators to test their products.



The story

Although ESE is known as a pioneering company in the renewable energy sector in Finland, it has a long history behind it. At the end of the 19th century, the citizens of Mikkeli were tired of darkness and short days during winter time. A street lighting network was needed. Because of this need, the company was established. Today it’s known as Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (ESE). ESE can be referred playfully as a ”117-year-old start-up company”. As a side note: Finland has been an independent nation for 100 years. It can be said that ESE has actively been participating in building Finland as a country throughout its independence. There’s been many unprejudiced decisions and new perspectives into multiple topics throughout the company’s history – for example:

  • Founded in 1900 by local businessmen. Nowadays ESE is fully owned by the City of Mikkeli.
  • One of the first district heating systems in Finland (1958)
  • Pursiala Power Plant (1990) (~85 % renewable energy sources -> wood)
  • Decision to invest in solar energy (2013 ->)
  • District heating battery (2016)
  • Mäkelänkangas (2016) – Finland’s first hybrid (wind + solar) power plant.
  • Celsius City prize (2017): Using solar heat to replace oil usage during summer
  • Sun Mikkeli (2017) –  the most modern solar energy plant in Finland
  • BioHauki (2017) – Biogas plant
  • Foremica & Spector (2018)– genuinely intelligent energy management solutions. Invented in Mikkeli, Finland.


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